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Learn how to use different PollEverywhere polling options.

Different PollEverywhere Options

PollEverywhere have options to create different kinds of Polls as follows:

  1. Multiple choice - Create a question and let participants choose from the choice of answers
  2. Word CloudVisualize audience responses as a dynamic word cloud.
  3. Q&AParticipants respond to a question, then can upvote and downvote other answers. Great for gathering consensus.
  4. Clickable Image -Upload an image and ask a question. Participants click anywhere on the image to respond.
  5. SurveyCreate a series of questions participants can answer at their own pace.
  6. Open-endedAsk a question and let participants type in a free-form answer.
  7. CompetitionCreate a series of questions, then let participants compete to answer fastest.
  8. Many more..

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