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Canvas allows for a number of customizations, which give users a more personal experience. This page will describe which features are available for change for SPU students as well as which are not.


Notifications are emails that are sent to your SPU email or push notifications sent from the Canvas app. These are fairly easy to change. Doing so will help students filter and receive important emails. 

  1. From the global navigation sidebar, go to "Account" → Notifications.
  2. Select the frequency with which emails will be sent about Course Activities.
    right away, daily notifocation, weekly notification, remove

Customizing Dashboard

We have created a separate page showing how to customize your dashboard color, the nickname, and which courses show up on your dashboard. 

Settings that Do Not Change


Profile Pictures do not change due to SPU policy. Students may be allowed to upload such images to Canvas by Canvas, however, keep in mind that these will be automatically removed within 12-24 hours post upload.  We have created a separate page demonstrating Canvas profile picture alternatives.


Names do not change via making changes to Canvas. Though Banner creates changes to and "imports" information into Canvas, changes in Canvas do not affect Banner. So, making changes to Canvas will not affect anything except the content and information within Canvas alone. Therefore changing your name in Canvas will only be applied to Canvas and not SPU credentials, etc. 

SPU Name Change

Changing the name that appears in all SPU content is possible. Submit the "Student Change of Directory Information" form to Student Academic Services via Banner:

  • Log into Banner
  • Select Personal Menu→ Personal Information Menu
  • Select "Update Name"
  • Type in new name
  • Click on the "Update Name" Button

Follow the link: Student Change of Directory Information to do this process on paper


Course Dashboard

Though adding nicknames to courses is permitted, changing the course title or rearranging courses on the dashboard is not. SPU keeps these unchanged for various reasons, including that consistency in naming conventions makes courses easier to catalogue and find if problems arise. One way to make your courses easily identifiable is to change the color of the course box on the dashboard or give it a nickname.