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TechSmith Relay allows users to easily create screencast videos using a combination of a recorder tool and an encoding server. Instructors can use their videos in the TechSmith library to upload in Canvas and make them available to students who are taking their courses.

Create Assignment

  1. Click Assignment in the course navigation menu on the left
  2. Click the add Assignment button (+ Assignment)
  3. On the assignment creation page, fill in the Assignment Name and Description fields. If you would like to have TechSmith Relay enter quiz results in to the gradebook, set a point value for the assignment.
  4. For the submission Type, select External Tool From the dropdown and then click Find to select TechSmith Relay.
    use TechSmith Relay as the external tool in the submission type section of the assignment details
  5. Save the option.
  6. Your TechSmith Relay library should open, displaying all your media. Click Add Media
    My Library screen in TechSmith Relay