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WordPress is an online system that hosts websites and blog posts in a secure manner. It has many features such as built-in and custom website designs, syncing options for Facebook, Twitter, etc, and is easily accessible from different devices.

SPU has an official blog space where departments and faculty can curate and create content. These blogs are generally public facing.


Long-Established - WordPress is widely used to create and publish content on the web. Online documentation on the tool is robust and the user experience is refined.

Designed For

Departments: University Departments work with UC to create their blog within the official SPU Blogs space.

Faculty: Users can create their own blog, website, or portfolio online with WordPress. 

Public: WordPress offers a basic free plan and four paid premium options. Premium features include 24/7 support, more advanced design tools, and increased storage. Pricing options can be found here.

Getting Started

If a department is interested in publishing a blog, they will connect with UC for support and guidance on first steps.

For faculty that wish to use WordPress for scholarly purposes, click here for ETM's step-by-step instructions on how to create your online blog, portfolio, or website.

All other users can go directly to and create an account.

Technical Support and Training

If you are a faculty member using WordPress for University purposes (e.g. a class assignment or blog), contact !ETM Help.

If you are a student who needs assistance with a blog related to a classroom project, contact your professor.

UC is the point of contact for assistance with official SPU Blogs: !UC Web Team206-281-2051.

WordPress also provides a number of online guides and general resources here:

Administration and Maintenance is a hosted version of the open source publishing software. Automattic, the parent company, takes primary responsibility for administrating and maintaining WordPress. Please refer to their online support page for general support topics and guides.

UC has administrative access to the SPU Blogs space.

ETM has administrative access to the SPU Scholars Blog space.



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Support & Training

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