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WiFi (or wi-fi) is the networking technology that allows users to access high-speed internet and network connections without a wired connection.  Devices that commonly connect to SPU's wifi network could include video game consoles, tablets or laptops, and mobile phones.   

The technology uses radio frequency technology.   The service is provided to users via wireless access points, which a device can detect and "tune" into.  The connection between the access point and the device requires that both are equipped with wireless network adapters.


SPU has three wireless networks.  They are:

  1. SPU-Wireless  This is the preferred network for current facilty, staff and students using their own personal devices. A valid SPU username/password  is required to connect.  The preshared key is SPU-Wireless (case sensitive), just like the broadcasted SSID network name. SPU-Wireless offers the best in connectivity and performance for personal devices operated by current SPU students and employees.
  2. SPU-Guests  As the name implies, anyone who does not have an SPU username can connect to this open, convenience-based network.  There is no password and no promise for security of communications when connected to SPU-Guests - its just like connecting to the public wifi in a coffee shop.  Additionally, SPU applications will not work on this network nor will device registrations be accepted using SPU credentials.  Access lasts for 3 days and has limited bandwidth.
  3. SPU-Business-00  This is for use by university employees using SPU-managed laptops.

Designed For

SPU's wireless network is designed for any user we might have on campus: guests, internal users (faculty, staff, students; those with SPU usernames), and users who are operating SPU-owned devices.

Getting Started

To use the wifi connection at SPU, please refer to the Network and Internet page. 

Technical Support and Training

In some cases, a device can connect to the internet but does not have a web browser interface.  These devices must be manually registered. If the above instructions do not succeed, please refer to these instructions to manually register your device.  Your SPU login credentials will be required.

Questions about wifi at SPU can be directed to the CIS Help Desk at (206) 281-2982 or

Administration and Maintenance

CIS maintains the hardware and the software related to wifi service at SPU.  



  • Both internal and external users


  • An eligible device paired with the correct wifi network

Support & Training

Get Started

  • SPU-Wireless for anyone connecting a personal device with a valid SPU user credential; the network pre-shared key is "SPU-Wireless" (case sensitive).
  • SPU-Guests  No password required; not intended for current SPU students and employees.  Guest access requires confirmed registration, lasts for 3 days and provides limited bandwidth.
  • SPU-Business-00 is for use by SPU-managed devices.