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The Online Whitepages produce a web-based directory for SPU students, faculty, and staff.

This system also powers the Active Directory and Exchange global address list (GAL). It is a homegrown product. Some general directory data was available publicly until February 2018; after that time it was locked down to only allow access to authenticated users. It is accessible to users via the applications splash page, and also via Self Service Banner > Personal Menu.


A user of the whitepages can search for an individual name or for a department, or for an individual in combination with a department. The search uses a scoring method to find matches that are reasonably close. For instance, a search for "Abby" will return records that include Abby, Abbay, Aaby, Abbie, Abbe, Abbey, etc. The strongest matches will sort to the top. Each individual component of data is individually searchable, so the afore mentioned example will return results where something like "Abby" is present in first name, last name, street, city, title, etc.

Individuals can specify which information is displayed about them; for instance a user could elect to publish a home phone number but not a home address. Users make the selection about which data about themselves is displayed via Self Service Banner > Personal Menu > Personal Information Menu, and then updating name, address, email or phone. If a digital photo of the individual exists in the photo directory it is included in the directory display.

The individuals whose data appears in the whitepages is defined by the relationship the individual has to the University.

Designed For

This is only available to persons with an SPU login. It replaces the printed faculty/staff directory and the student directory (SPUD).

Getting Started

Login to Self Service Banner to use the directory or to update the way your own data displays. Employee data (title, campus address, and phone) is maintained by Human Resources.

Technical Support and Training

Questions about how to use the directory can be directed to the CIS HelpDesk via or (206)281-2982 or you may submit a HelpDesk ticket.

Administration and Maintenance

Because this is a home grown system, maintenance and edits are done by CIS.



  • SPU Students, Faculty, and Staff


  • SPU login credentials

Support & Training

Get Started