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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a security measure that requires an extra step beyond entering a username and password. 

2FA will require the user to have something (such as a fingerprint, bankcard, cell phone, or computer) and the 2FA process will require the user to do something with that thing, such as scanning a fingerprint or acknowledging a prompt on a device.   Put succinctly, a user must know something and have something in order to authenticate.  

At SPU, 2FA typically takes the form of a prompt on a smart phone.  The user usually just needs to acknowledge a prompt, or can elect to enter a newly-generated passcode that displays on the smart phone app.

Two-Factor Authentication is also called multi-factor authentication (MFA).


Users who are required to use 2FA for access to campus resources can download an app to their smart phone, and generally just need to acknowledge a prompt.  This additional step may add 2-5 seconds to the login process for those resources.

Designed For

SPU has implemented 2FA for privileged accounts - those with administrative and/or querying access to campus databases.  This includes users in Computer Information Systems, University Communications, and Computer Services Managers (CSMs) in various campus departments.  Ideally it will be rolled out to a larger population of users, not just those with heightened permissions.

Getting Started

To have 2FA configured, request this resource via Banner > Personal Menu > Computer Accounts Menu > Request Additional Accounts and request Duo.   

After the resource is created you should receive an email with remaining instructions for the enrollment process.  SPU is using Duo for two-factor authentication.  The smart phone application is called Duo Mobile.

Technical Support and Training

Consult your app's help options or contact the CIS HelpDesk at or (206)281-2982. 

Administration and Maintenance

CIS maintains this service.  A user may need to periodically update the app on his/her smart phone.



  • SPU users with heightened access to campus computing resources.


  • Enrollment in two-factor authentication.

Support & Training

Get Started