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Tutor Matching Service is a 3rd party service that can be used by students to find private tutoring. Costs vary depending on the tutor.

The Center for Learning has partnered with Tutor Matching Service (TMS) to offer 3rd party tutoring services to SPU students. Students who use TMS can find tutors from its vast network of nationwide tutors. The cost of tutors offered by TMS vary and SPU students who use the service will pay the tutor or TMS directly. Students who use TMS or a TMS tutor work with the service or tutor directly. 

Designed For

SPU students who need a tutor. TMS provides a robust search feature that allows students to filter tutors according to modality of service (in-person or online), location, availability, price, and specific subject matter. 

Cost and availability of services will vary depending on the tutor.

Getting Started

Go to Tutor Matching Service to begin. Accounts created in Tutor Matching Service are not affiliated with SPU in any way.

Technical Support and Training

Contact Tutor Matching Service directly for support & training.



  • SPU Students


  • SPU Username & Password

Support & Training

Get Started