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This is an A-Z guide of functions for the Harris telephone.


Adjusting Display Contrast

When the phone is idle, locate the volume increase and decrease buttons (bottom left of the dialing pad).  Press the increase button to raise the LCD brightness or the decrease button to lower it.

Adjusting Voice and Ring Volume

To adjust the voice volume, locate the volume increase and decrease buttons (bottom left of the dialing pad).  Using the handset, headset, or speakerphone, press the increase button to raise voice volume, or the decrease button to lower it.

Adjusting Ring Sound 

This feature can help differentiate your telephone ringing from adjacent phones.

  1. **Leave the handset on-hook and press Mute/Save
  2. Press MENU
  3. Press 1.  Hear the current ring type.
  4. Press any digit from 0 to 9 to hear different ring types.
  5. Select a ring type and press the increase or decrease buttons to adjust the volume.
  6. Press Mute/Save to confirm your selection.

**If your phone is configured for headset, you must unplug it and then follow the steps to adjust the ring sound and volume.  You can adjust the ring volume whenever your extension rings.

Answer Calls

To answer calls to your own extension, life the handset or press the quick-flashing amber button for speakerphone mode.  The flashing amber light changes to steady green.

To answer calls appearing on lines other than your own, press the quick-flashing amber button of the call you want to answer first.  The light changes to steady green (speakerphone mode).  Then you can use the handset if you wish.

To disconnect a call, hang up (replace the handset in its cradle), press CANCEL, or press the button below the desired phone line to make a new call.

Ring patterns provide information about calls:

Internal CallsExternal CallsAttendant CallsIntercom Calls
Single RingDouble RingDouble RingSingle, Short Ring

When you answer a call, your LCD shows the caller's name and briefly shows the extension, followed by the call duration time.  With external calls, the display shows the caller's phone number (when possible) and the call duration.

Conference Calls

To place three or more parties in conversation together:

  1. In conversation, ask the first party to wait.
  2. Pres CONF.  Hear the stutter dial tone.
  3. Dial the second party and wait for an answer.
  4. Press CONF and start the three-way conversation.

To add a party to the conference call, repeat the above steps.

Note: If you hear a busy tone, get no answer or get the voice mail of the party you are trying to add to the conference call, press LINE (the button associated with your own telephone extension) to return to the conference.  

When in a conference call you can place the conference on hold the same way a regular call is placed on hold.

To end a conference call, hang up or press CANCEL.

Call Forwarding

If you need to be away from your own physical phone for a period of time, you can forward calls for your extension to another extension.

Life the handset and press MENU, then select option 2.

Dial the destination extension.  Hear a confirmation tone followed by a dial tone.

Dial a one- or two-digit code based on the following parameters:

1st digit (optional)2nd digit

1 - Internal Only

4 - Forward without checking

2 - External only

5 - When BUSY only
*If no 1st digit is entered, both internal and external calls will be forwarded6 - When NO ANSWER only

7 - When BUSY or NO ANSWER

Hear the confirmation tone, then a dial tone, then hang up.

To Cancel Call Forward, follow step one above, then hang up.

To see Forward status, press "view", then press 4.  Call Forward has no relevance for outgoing calls.

Headset Operation

To answer a call when using a headset, press the LINE button where the call is ringing.

To place a call when using a headset, press any idle LINE button, or use on-hook dialing, then dial.

To disconnect a call when using a headset, press CANCEL.

To toggle between handset or headset mode to speaker, press SPKR.  To go to handset mode when using a headset, lift the handset.  To go to headset mod when using a handset, replace the handset.


To place a party on hold, 

  1. In conversation, ask the party to wait.
  2. Press HOLD.  Your LINE button lamp slow-flashes green while your party is on hold.

To return to the Held Conversation, press the flashing LINE button.

Pressing CONF or XFER will also place a party on hold.  Press LINE to return to the held conversation.

Making a Call

To make a call:

  1. Lift the handset or press an available LINE button. 
  2. Dial the desired number. 
    1. For off-campus calls, you must dial a 9, then the ten-digit phone number. 
    2. For on-campus calls you may dial a 4-digit extension

You may also dial without lifting the handset ("on-hook dialing"); the speakerphone automatically turns on.  You may pick up the handset if you wish.

Muting a call

To mute a call and prevent the other party from hearing sound from your end of the conversation, press MUTE/SAVE.  The LCD will show "voice muted", flashing.

To cancel Mute and speak with the other party again, press MUTE/SAVE.

Note that you will be able to continue to hear the other party when you are in a muted state.

Privacy (Do Not Disturb)

To prevent incoming calls from ringing at your extension:

Press the MENU button.  Hear the confirmation tone.

Press 1.  Hear the confirmation tone.

To activate privacy, press 1.  Hear the confirmation tone, followed by a dial tone. Then hang up.

To cancel privacy, press 2.  Hear the confirmation tone, followed by the dial tone.  Then hang up.

Outgoing calls are unaffected by the Privacy status. Incoming callers hear a busy signal or are transferred to voice mail.


To re-try your last call without manually dialing, lift the handset and press REDIAL.

Pressing REDIAL while in a conversation places the party you are speaking with on hold, and automatically redials the last number called.  Press LINE to return to the held conversation.

To display the most-recently dialed number, press VIEW, followed by REDIAL.

Speakerphone (speaker/headset)

To answers calls via speakerphone, without lifting the handset, press the LINE button for the incoming call (with the quick-flashing amber light) or press SPKR.  The light becomes steady green.  This can be your own extension or someone else's, when configured to allow this.

To make calls via speakerphone, dial the desired phone number (including a preceding 9 for off-campus calls, or just the 4-digit extension for on-campus calls).

To disconnect a call, press CANCEL.

To switch to/from Speakerphone and Handset, press the SPKR button.

Transferring Calls

To transfer a call:

  1. Ask the party to wait.
  2. Press XFER.  Hear the stutter dial tone, followed by a dial tone.
  3. Dial the "transfer to" extension.
  4. You may hang up or remain on the line until the new party answer, and you can introduce the transfer.  Then press XFER and hang up.

In either case, if you cannot complete the transfer (such as mis-dialing the "transfer to" extension) you can be reconnected to the party by pressing the LINE button, so long as you have not hung up.

Voice Messages

Voicemail messages can be listened to via your computer or your telephone.  To listen to messages on your phone, lift the handset and press the MSG button.  You will be prompted for your passcode for voicemail.  You may also dial 206-281-2700 from off-campus and follow the instructions to listen to your messages from a remote telephone.  To get started with SPU voice mail, visit the CallXpress page.

Designed For

These telephone instructions are provided for users of campus telephones, specifically employees who have an SPU telephone extension assigned to them.

Getting Started

If you are a new employee and need to have your telephone and voicemail configured for your use, please refer to the CallXPress page.  CallXPress is SPU's voicemail software, and the telephone (hardware) works in concert with this software to provide the features described here.

Technical Support and Training

If you encounter difficulty with the functions described here, please contact the HelpDesk for assistance at (206)281-2982,, or submit a HelpDesk ticket.

Administration and Maintenance

CIS maintains campus telephone services.



  • Employees


  • Harris Handset (telephone) plus an SPU telephone number

Support & Training

Get Started

  • To configure first time phone usage see CallXpress
  • Browse the list of functions here