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Microsoft Teams live events are an extension of Microsoft Teams meetings that enable you to schedule and produce events that stream to large online audiences.

There are two different ways you can produce a live event. 

Teams: You can produce live events through Teams on a computer or laptop, and can invite speakers and presenters to participate on their own devices. This is advised for most uses.

External App or Device: You can use external hardware or software via Microsoft Stream. This is only ideal if you already have a production setup that supports streaming to an RTMP service. This is best for large live events like town halls or ceremonies where a stream from a media mixer is broadcast to an audience.


Teams Live Events include:

  • Supported on all platforms via an app, web browser, or mobile device

  • On-demand webinars, including pre-recorded content

  • Customizable registration pages and emails and embedded registration forms
  • Live chat, Q&A, polls, virtual backgrounds, and digital whiteboards
  • Registration moderation
  • Max attendees: 1,000
  • Webinar dial-in
  • Analytics reports and webinar recordings

For more information, click here for a brief overview video.

Designed For

All SPU Faculty and Staff can host Teams Live Events with no additional license purchase. This serves as an alternative to utilizing Zoom or Zoom via Panopto for live event broadcasts. There are two ways to host an event via Teams:

  • All SPU Faculty and Staff: Producing and hosting a live event through Teams via the default license.
  • SPU knowledge workers: Knowledge workers have additional permissions through A3 and A5 licenses to host live events through Teams via an external app or device, but requires a production setup that supports streaming to an RTMP service.

Click here to view a side-by-side comparison of Zoom Events/Webinars and Teams Live Events by a third-party.

Getting Started

All SPU faculty and staff have access to Teams Live Events for up to 1,000 at no additional cost or purchase of a license. 

To begin the process of hosting a live event via Teams, go to the Teams application, select Calendar from the left-hand menu options, click the down arrow by "+ New Meeting" to open the multi-select list, and choose "Live Event".

Technical Support and Training

Click here to access the online documentation.

Microsoft Teams at SPU is supported by Computer & Information Systems (CIS). Contact CIS at:

Administration and Maintenance

CIS configures the accounts for this resource.



  • Any faculty or staff with an SPU Outlook/Teams account can use Teams Live Events.
  • Students are not eligible.


  • Install Microsoft Teams.

Support & Training