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    Audio Visual Installation Consultation

    In addition to providing basic support for SPU conference rooms and other spaces with audio-visual technology, CIS also provides consulting and pricing services for new audio-visual installations throughout campus. 

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    Departmental Documentation

    This topic addresses written instructions or information that exist within a department and pertain to how we interact with internal and external partners or constituents. 

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    The CIS Helpdesk exists to serve the SPU community, specifically in relation to the technologies for academics and instruction, plus the business functions of the University.

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    Percipio is an online training repository.  It stores both compulsory as well as optional professional development trainings for faculty and staff at SPU.  The online interface allows flexibility in time and location of the training. Results of any compulsory trainings are automatically sent to the appropriate supervisory person(s). Percipio was formerly known as Skillsoft or Skillport.

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