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StarRez is the residential housing system used by Housing & Meal Plan Services, Residence Life, Student Life, Conference Services, and Camp Casey. It has functionality for Assignments, Room Conditions, Student Conduct, Title IX, Conferencing, and more.

Relevant information is uploaded daily to and from Banner. This information includes student demographic information, housing/meal plan applications and assignments, as well as financial transactions.


Residential Housing is the core of the StarRez system; additional modules were implemented to support campus life and conference services. StarRez has an online portal and both a web-based and desktop application. A robust reporting tool allows users to query the database.

StarRez will discontinue support of the desktop application on June 30, 2020.

Designed For

StarRez is designed for staff to manage campus housing and meal assignments, room conditions, and judicial processes. Additionally, StarRez is used to track conference events on-campus and at Camp Casey, as well as any incidents involving discrimination, bias, or harassment.

Getting Started

Staff eligible for StarRez access will have the 'StarRez' resource available to request in Banner. 

Follow the instructions here to submit your request. Once the request is received - CIS will confirm the access with your supervisor and proceed accordingly. You will receive an email once your request is fulfilled, or if your access request was not granted.

You can access StarRez via a web interface here or by going to MySPU → StarRez Web.

Training and Technical Support

Use of StarRez will depend on the staff member's role; training is handled internally by departments.

CIS addresses technical issues including impacted access, server maintenance, integrations and system updates.

Administration and Maintenance

CIS supports the on-campus StarRez servers. CIS also processes updates, permissions and integrations for StarRez.



  • Students
  • Select Staff members


  • Staff must have FERPA training and Supervisor approval

Support & Training

  • Training is handled within departments.
  • StarCare: Robust online and phone-based vendor support.
  • Check System Status
  • Technical support is provided by CIS.

Get Started

  • Eligible staff will have the 'StarRez' Resource available to request in Banner. 
  • Follow the instructions here to request access.