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Software Center is the means by which campus software is made available to employees.  It can be used for both installation and removal of software. 

When a new version of software is released, it is published to Software Center, so that the latest version is always available there.


Software Center will tell a user what applications are already installed (and the particular version) as well as display additional applications for which the user may be eligible.  To see if software is already installed, click on an icon.  You will be presented either with an "install" button or "uninstall" in the case of applications that are already present on your computer.

Designed For

This is offered to SPU employees as a way to easily customize the collection of applications an employee uses in order to complete his or her work.  It is only available for use via SPU-owned machines.

Getting Started

To access Software Center, go to the search bar (typically the lower left corner of your Windows computer) and type Software Center.  There will be a slight delay and then Software Center will open.  You can browse from the icons or use the search in the top right to locate a specific application.  

Technical Support and Training

If you have questions about using Software Center please contact the CIS HelpDesk:, (206) 281-2982, or submit a HelpDesk Ticket.

Administration and Maintenance

CIS maintains Software Center and its contents.



  • SPU Employees


  • SPU-owned Windows computer

Support & Training

Get Started

  • Search > Software Center