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The Sitecore CMS is an enterprise content management system (CMS) built by Sitecore Corporation, used for developing and managing large and complex web properties. The system stores content in a database rather than in files and enables quick and easy management and re-use of web content. Launched in 2009, Sitecore powers modernized SPU web sites, including the SPU Home Page. The CMS is managed by University Communications who are currently working on migrating the entirety of SPU's legacy web properties into the CMS.


Sitecore allows users to publish content to the web without needing to know how to write code. 

Designed For

Sitecore is designed for department member to publish content to the SPU public website so that it can be viewed by anyone on the Internet. 

Getting Started

If you or your department have a website that is in Sitecore, you may already have access. Review the Sitecore Mini-Guide on how to login. 


Documentation and technical support for how to use the Sitecore CMS is provide by University Communications. If you need additional assistance, contact the University Communications Webteam.

Administration and Maintenance

Sitecore administration and maintenance is managed by University Communications. 



  • Department users

Support & Training