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SPU's Single Sign On (SSO) allows a user to access multiple secure systems via a single login on a device instead of needing respond to repeated requests for login credentials. 

This means a unified authentication experience for users and only requires a single, strong password. Not every service used by the University is capable of being incorporated into our SSO environment, but CIS strives to ensure every system that can use SSO does. 


A single entry of SPU credentials should provide a user with access to the campus computing resources to which he or she is authorized. 

Designed For

Single Sign On is intended to keep SPU computer resources safe from unauthorized use, and provide authorized users an easy means by which to login to the many SPU resources they use on a daily basis. 

Technical Support and Training

On screen prompts typically provide sufficient instructions to successfully login via SSO.   If you encounter difficulty, please contact the CIS HelpDesk at (206)281-2982,, or submit a HelpDesk ticket via the the web.

Administration and Maintenance

Within SPU, single sign on experience is managed by CIS and can be deployed to new software as needed and is technically possible.

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  • Any authorized user of SPU software (students, faculty, staff, and third parties such as vendors)


  • Your SPU username and password.

Support & Training

Get Started

  • You will be prompted for your SPU credentials when they are required for access to a computer resource.