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SharePoint is a platform for creating sites where people can collaborate. A SharePoint site helps departments and teams work together by providing them a place to securely store and share documents, information, and ideas.

To learn more about what SharePoint is and how it can be used to benefit your department, please watch the following video.


Document Management - SharePoint can help you organize, secure and manage documents in your department or team.

Document Collaboration - SharePoint allows users to collaborate together on Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and OneNote notebooks within the browser. This eliminates the need to download a document and later merge the edited document with the master copy.

Lists - SharePoint Lists can help you track key departmental data in a format similar to Excel, but stored in one location online, with the ability to sort/filter and display different sets of that data for different purposes/perspectives.

Forms - SharePoint lists come with forms that can be used to gather data from external constituents or for internal processes.

To learn more about how SharePoint can help your department, check out SharePoint Online on

Designed For

SharePoint is available to be use by all current faculty, staff, and students. It is also possible to open up access to a specific SharePoint site to users outside of SPU to allow collaboration with people outside of the university. 

Getting Started

See our full documentation on the purpose of SharePoint and how it's best used at SPU: SPU SharePoint Basics

If you want to find existing content, head to the SharePoint Sites page to see a list of all of the SharePoint sites that you have access to. Use your SPU credentials when logging in to SharePoint. 

If you would like to create a new SharePoint site, you can either do it yourself by creating a Team in Microsoft Teams (which has a SharePoint site as part of it), then clicking the ellipsis-menu to open it in SharePoint. Additionally, you can contact a Business Analyst in Computer and Information Systems at for more information, or (if you are a Faculty or Staff member) to request a new Site Collection with standard SPU branding and look and feel.

Technical Support and Training

Site/Content Issues

For access to or support with a SharePoint site or its content, contact the site owner or department that maintains the site.

Technical Issues

For technical issues such as site outages or error messages, as well as questions regarding site design, contact the CIS HelpDesk at or (206) 281-2982.  For information about support hours, go to Advanced issues may be escalated to the CIS Enterprise Systems team as appropriate.

Online Training Resources

SPU's SharePoint Online Training page has a series of tutorials, quick reference guides, and additional resources to bring you up to speed on how to use SharePoint Online.

Administration and Maintenance

Our SharePoint sites are hosted by Microsoft on their servers, so they take responsibility for administrating and maintaining the SharePoint servers. Please refer to Microsoft's SLA for online services for detail's on Microsoft's commitments regarding system maintenance and uptime.

CIS is responsible for creating new site collections upon request and takes care of configuring the admin settings for our overall SharePoint tenant.



  • All Faculty, Staff, and Students, plus individual off-campus users upon request.

Support & Training

Get Started