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SensusAccess is a free, web-based accessibility tool that allows users to submit a file in a text-based format and get an output in a more accessible medium (Examples include audio, digital braille, and e-book).

The user must provide an domain email address to receive the output file.


Accessibility and Ease of Use - SensusAccess provides document conversion that allows information to be consumed in a number of formats. Use cases include converting a text document to an MP3, or a PDF document to Microsoft Word that allows the user to edit. Users do not need formal accommodations to use this tool; it is free and accessible to anyone with an email address.

Speed - Document conversion ranges between a few minutes to a few hours depending on the type and size of the file, as well as the requested conversion. Once completed, the user is sent the converted file via email.

Designed For

SensusAccess is available for use by University faculty, staff and students; alumni and past students can also use the conversion tool. All users must provide their email address for file delivery.

  • Students requesting alternate materials as an accommodation should contact Disability Support Services for assistance at 206-281-2272 or

Getting Started

Ensure your original file is in the best quality available; the quality of the submitted file has a direct impact on the quality of the converted file.

The SensusAccess Tool can be found on the Center For Learning website. Follow the instructions there to use the SensusAccess tool to convert your document. 

Technical Support and Training

SensusAccess provides a number of online training modules and resources here:

If difficulty persists, contact Disability Support Services: if you are a student using the tool. If you are a faculty member using the tool, contact ETM:

Administration and Maintenance

SensusAccess is a web-based tool hosted by Sensus, so they take primary responsibility for administrating and maintaining SensusAccess. Please refer to their online support page for details on system maintenance and uptime.

DSS and CIS have administrative access to configure the few settings available to SPU.

Learn More

Sensus Access Online Text Conversion Tool Info Page



  • The user must have an email address.


  • Files need to be less than 64MB.
  • Broad, but limited file types are supported (see tool for details).
  • Copyright and Terms of Use apply to use of the tool.

Support & Training

Get Started