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Respondus LockDown Browser & Respondus Monitor are online test proctoring tools that faculty can pair with tests offered through Canvas to ensure academic honesty during exams. 

Respondus is no longer available at SPU for tests after Spring Quarter 2021 and Respondus Lockdown Browser + Monitor have been deprecated. Faculty may still review existing tests that were proctored through Respondus during the 2020-2021 school year through the link in the respective Canvas course. Proctoring videos and data will be available for 455 days after the test was taken. 

Respondus is an online proctoring service that SPU has contracted with to proctor tests offered through Canvas. There are two modules, LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor, and they can be enabled individually or together to proctor a test. When used, Respondus will secure the testing device and/or record the student while they take the test. Incidents of academic dishonestly are flagged for faculty to review and take action. 

Respondus is enabled on a course by that course's instructor. In addition, only that course's instructor will review cases of academic dishonesty before taking any action they deem necessary. If you are a student and you have questions regarding Respondus for your course, contact your instructor. 


Proctoring via Respondus is accomplished via one or both of the following modules:

LockDown Browser - Secure web browser that prevents test takers from accessing third party applications or web sites on their device during the exam. Instructors can allow certain web sites on a per-exam basis.

Respondus Monitor - Add-on to LockDown Browser that uses the device's built in webcam to record the student and test taking environment during the exam. Videos are reviewed by course instructors and they can choose to take action if any academic honesty policies are breached.

Respondus is available for PC, Mac, and iPad OS. 

Designed For

Respondus is designed for faculty to help ensure academic honestly for tests administered via Canvas. Faculty who enable Respondus in their Canvas course(s) can require its use when tests are taken by students.

Getting Started

Faculty can get started by enabling Respondus on their Canvas course(s) and requiring Respondus for tests held in Canvas. See ETM's Respondus Instructor Guide for complete instructions.

Students can get started by downloading the Respondus LockDown Browser in preparation for a test where their instructor have required the use of Respondus. See the Library's Respondus Student Guide for complete instructions.


Technical support and training for Respondus is provided for Faculty by the office of Educational Technology and Media. Students are encouraged to bring Canvas issues to their Professor. 

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