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There are a few departments on campus that provide service 24 hours a day.  This includes the Office of Safety and SecurityComputer and Information Systems, and Facilities

If you encounter an urgent issue related to personal health or safety, campus software being unresponsive, or an emergency involving a physical structure on campus, please contact the named department, respectively. These departments are either staffed twenty-four hours a day or have an on-call person or procedure established to respond to emergencies outside of typical business hours. 


Any after-hours emergencies can be reported to the Office of Safety and Security.  They can reach staff in CIS and Facilities as needed.

Designed For

Any person who observes something amiss in regard to personal safety, computer system performance, or physical structures on campus is encouraged to notify the appropriate office.

Getting Started

The Office of Safety and Security can be reached by phone at (206)281-2922 (non-emergency) or (206)281-2911 (emergency).  OSS will also know how to direct your call if you are reporting a problem in a campus building or in a computer systems during non-business hours. 

During business hours, please contact Computer and Information Systems at (206)281-2982.

During business hours, please contact Facilities at (206)281-2330.



  • On-Call Services benefit all constituents


  • Please report emergencies or outages

Get Started

  • Contact Safety & Security (206)281-2922