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NuPark is a parking portal maintained by the Office of Safety & Security where SPU students, faculty, staff, and guests can register their vehicles and purchase permits for parking on campus. 

Parking citations are written and tracked via NuPark. Payment for citations and student permits are made through Student Financial Services, while payment for employee permits are made via payroll deduction. Guests of the university may pay for citations and parking permits via credit card from within NuPark. 


Additional details about service features can be listed here

Designed For

SPU Students, Faculty, Staff, and Guests who will park a vehicle on campus. 

Getting Started

NuPark can be accessed via any web browser. SPU students, faculty, and staff can log in with their SPU username and password. Guests can create an account to access NuPark. 

Technical Support and Training

The Office of Safety & Security offers parking services through NuPark. For questions and assistance, contact the Safety & Security transportation manager at (206) 281-2821 or 

Administration and Maintenance

Safety & Security manages NuPark and associated parking services on SPU's campus. NuPark's servers are hosted and maintained by a vendor partner, Passport Inc. CIS provides some data assistance to Safety & Security and Passport. 

Learn More

To learn more about parking services on campus, visit Safety & Security's parking page on the SPU website



  • SPU Students, Faculty, Staff, and Guests


  • SPU Username & Password

Support & Training

Get Started