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Here's a list of items to help new employees in their new roles on campus. These could be relevant for brand new hires or for folks who change jobs, and sometimes could be useful if you get a new computer.

This list is not related to HR benefits, which will be handled by HR, but are instead items your supervisor might expect you to do for the sake of business operations.  Many, if not all, of these items are covered in the Service Catalog.

No doubt this list isn't totally complete, nor are all the items listed here relevant to all employees.  Please use whatever of it is useful to you!


  • Make sure your computer has a clean slate; it should be "re-imaged" if your predecessor used it 
    • Install software that you need for your role
    • Enroll in DUO (2-factor authentication)
  • Set up Email
    • Sync your smart phone
    • Set up an email signature
    • Set up folders and rules
    • Get familiar with where junk mail/clutter goes
  • Set up your Calendar
    • Sync your smart phone
    • Set up your work hours to be visible to other campus users
    • Retrieve other calendars that are important (your supervisor, your supervisees, your colleagues, your department, etc)
    • Share your calendar with co-workers, as appropriate
    • Add the EMS plugin (for room reservations for meetings)
  • Set up your voicemail
  • Find out how to get building access (Do you need an alarm code?)
  • Connect your personal device(s) to the wireless network (tablets, smart phones, readers, etc)
  • Get your SPU ID card, and find out how it is used on campus (door access, printing, meals, bookstore discount, library, etc)
  • Print, scan, fax, or email something using the Multi-Factor printer (ID card required!)
  • Learn how to use the various functions on your Harris telephone (office phone)
  • Order business cards
  • Find out where your office stores documentation - and ADD TO IT as you find gaps.  Fresh eyes!
  • Learn more about carpooling, transit, biking, parking permits, or other commute details
  • Take a campus tour (The Admissions Office does this multiple times a day)
  • See what online training is available (both mandatory and optional)
  • Learn about SPU's emergency preparedness
    • Sign up for emergency notifications (SPU!  Plus Seattle?  King County?  Your kiddo's school? Others?)
    • Set up your own communication plan with your loved ones
    • Put together an emergency bag for yourself
    • Update your emergency contacts in Banner
  • Find out how to do the following things in your specific department, as every office does it slightly differently:
    • Request vacation or sick time
    • Let your colleagues know if you are going to be unexpectedly absent
    • Request office supplies
    • Submit a non-emergency maintenance request
    • Get help with a computer or other technical problem
    • Make suggestions for improvements
  • Find the organizational chart for your area; find out who else reports to the same Vice President as your area
  • Read the Presidents' Strategic Plan.  Determine where your area fits into the plan.

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