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Multi-Function Printers (MFPs) are located throughout campus and are capable of printing (color and black & white), scanning, and copying.  Some office MFPs will have built-in fax machines and the ability to send and receive faxes digitally, without printing.

MFPs interact with user pre-paid accounts via the user's ID card (SPU ID Card).  Students, Faculty, and Staff who wish to submit a personal print job can pre-pay funds to their SPU ID Card (called "Falcon Funds", and each print task deducts from that pre-paid balance.  Employees are presented with their department budget code as a payment option.  Guests may get access to MFP use via the Ames Library


Direct Print

Normal printing to an MFP works similarly to printing to a personal printer. Serveral options (including duplexing) are available. The document will print to the designated MFP immediately.

Secure Print

Secure Print allows a print job to be queued in the SecurePrint system, but the document will not print until it is released by the same user at an MFP. Once in the queue, the document can be released for print at any MFP on campus.  Secure print is good choice for confidential documents that should only be seen by you.

Web Print

Web Print allows a print job to be sent to any MFP from internet-connected personal devices.

Designed For

MFPs are the campus-wide copier/printer solution. 

Some departments and offices maintain separate networked or local printers.  These printers are separate from the campus-wide copier/printer solution and behave differently.  CIS recommends these network and local printers be sold or recycled when the existing ink/toner supply runs out. The campus MFPs provide the most cost-effective and highest-quality printing on campus.

CIS does not recommend bringing a personal printer to campus, nor do we recommend that departments purchase additional printers for their areas.

Getting Started

If you are a student, please see the Student Printing wiki page for information.

If you are faculty or staff, please see the Faculty and Staff Printing wiki page for information.

If you are a guest, please see the Guest Printing wiki page for information.

Technical Support and Training

Each MFP has a printed Quick Start guide displayed near it.  This includes instructions on the various functions available on the MFP.   If the instructions are insufficient please contact the CIS HelpDesk at (206)281-2982 or and mention that the information you need is not currently on the instruction poster so that it can be added.

Administration and Maintenance

The CIS HelpDesk receives automatic notifications when an MFP is running low on various supplies and daily restocks as needed.  If you encounter an MFP with any kind of service outage please report it to the HelpDesk at (206)281-2982 or via 

Learn More

For additional information, please refer to the CIS HelpDesk documentation on MFP Functions.



  • Students, Faculty, Staff, and Guests


  • MFP usage requires an SPU ID Card with Falcon Funds or print credits
  • Guests can get a card for printing in the Ames Library

Support & Training

  • Instructions posted by each MFP
  • Contact HelpDesk:, (206)281-2982

Get Started