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This is a "teamwork tool" that can be used for connecting users across the University, across multiple devices, via designated channels. 

It offers:

  • instant messaging to quickly communicate with another individual, pre-defined team, or a group of individuals. 
  • audio and video calling, plus screen sharing.
  • files can be attached to a team "channel" for all team members to access and share.  
  • users can blur their background or select a custom one to appear behind them during a video meeting.
    • click here for more details and instructions.
    • you can find SPU-approved and branded backgrounds here.
  • video meetings can be recorded with the consent of meeting participants. Recordings are automatically uploaded to OneDrive (if the host is an individual) or SharePoint (if the host is a teams channel) and all meeting participants are granted permissions to view the video. Click here for more information on meeting recordings.

Team conversations go to every device on which a user has installed the Teams app, and thus there are no lost threads on account of a user changing from a mobile phone to a laptop in the middle of a conversation, for instance.  And conversation history is saved within the app for later reference.

Microsoft Teams is an application that is included with SPU's Office 365 site license. 


Teams (as in a group of users) can be formed ad-hoc.  Any user with the Teams app can form a team and invite members.  No formally-managed group membership is required so your team can include people from across campus.  Individual "channels" can be set up to keep topics distinct within that team.

For instance, three people might be attending a conference together and decide to make a Team (with three members), so that they can communicate about getting to the airport, meeting up for dinner, and keeping each other posted about conference highlights.  On a later occasion those same three people go to a different conference.  Easily done!  Same team, different channel

Designed For

General online immediate messaging with other SPU users in an ad-hoc fashion. Can also be used for collaboration and document sharing.

Creating a team in Teams is designed for teams of all sizes to interact on everything from a short project to a standing group. Users are in control of the team membership, so no waiting for a membership list to form based on any formal group definitions.

Getting Started

From your computer, login to your SPU webmail account.  Click on the "waffle" in the upper left corner and choose Teams.  From there you'll be prompted to install the application on your computer. From your smart phone, install the app (iPhone, iPad,  or  Android).  Login with your SPU credentials.

Once you have the application you can create a team, add members, browse existing teams and add them as favorites, and configure settings so notifications are to your liking.   (Some functionality, such as creating a team, may only be available via the web app or desktop app.)  

SPU Faculty and Staff can click here for more expansive guidance on Teams best practices and use cases.

Technical Support and Training

Microsoft offers a library of helpful videos on getting started in Teams, as well as the assorted features available in the tool.

Many of your questions may also be answered online by other users of Microsoft Teams.  You could form a team with a colleague and try out the various functions offered on your device.  You can also ask the HelpDesk at (206) 281-2982 or

Administration and Maintenance

Teams is part of our Office 365 site license, and is maintained by CIS.



  • Anyone with an SPU Outlook account can use Teams
  • SPU Staff, Faculty and Students


  • Install the application on your computer or phone; form a team; begin communicating.

Support & Training

Get Started