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Management of Accounts and Resources System (MARS) is an internal system for managing accounts, resources, and permissions across many of SPU's core systems.

This tool leverages all the data entered into Banner to ensure that users are always properly added or removed from groups and permissions based on their role with the University.


Some computer resources are granted entirely automatically based on a person's role at the University; others require a user to request them, but only allows shows those resources that are pertinent to their role.  MARS manages all of these and enforces any prerequisites (such as FERPA training being required for Student data access). When a person's role at the University changes or ends, MARS automates the revocation of computer resources.   

Getting Started

Users will encounter MARS exclusively through Self-Service Banner (Banner).  After logging in users can navigate through: Personal Menu → Computer Accounts Menu → Manage Your Accounts. This page is where users can: change their password, change their username, request additional resources, and other related activities. 

CIS staff are MARS administrators, and respond to resource requests within one business day.  As departments add new software to the collective campus tool kit there may be conversation around how to tie the new software into MARS' provisioning capabilities.


Any questions about requesting a computer resource can be directed to the CIS Help Desk, at

Administration and Maintenance

MARS is maintained and administered by CIS staff.  



  • Faculty, Staff, Students, Alumni

Support & Training

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