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SPU offers a way for campus stakeholder to broadcast a live event to an unlimited audience via the internet.  Watchers can go to a specified web page to see the "live stream" of the event. 

Events could include things like wind ensemble concerts, Ivy Cutting, and Commencement. 


Live streaming is offered via HTML protocols so no specific device is required; a favorite browser should make it possible for a user to watch the event being live streamed.  

Designed For

This service is intended to make it possible for SPU constituents to present an event to a broad audience, regardless of geography.  

Getting Started

At present, the number of items that are offered via live stream is relatively small, and notification about those broadcasts are typically done via "push" methodology, where an announcement is sent to an audience saying that a particular event will be live streamed.  If you receive an email announcement about a live stream and you wish to view it, you'll need to reference the email in order to get to the correct URL.

Technical Support and Training

If you are interested in having your event offered to a broader audience via live streaming, please contact the CIS Help Desk to coordinate the details.  Consult the CIS Audio Visual inventory to see if a camera and microphone are available for capturing the event; if not, you'll need to procure such items.  A URL on which the link to the live stream could be presented would also be required.  CIS can assist with the necessary linkage between the camera and the URL.  Please provide advance notice of your desire to live stream an event.

Administration and Maintenance

CIS maintains this service and makes it available to faculty, staff, and students to present content.  Notification to the intended audience about the live stream is the responsibility of the party presenting the content.



  • Faculty and Staff


  • Hardware and suitable lead time

Support & Training