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Jira is a web-based task and project tracking product that includes a workflow management system and connected service desk module. 

It is developed by Atlassian and is used for task tracking, project management, and service desk incident tracking.  The workflow management system can be used for many things, including running projects, tracking assets, and anything that requires work moving through a workflow. Jira can be customized to suit your needs to provide you with the perfect solution to track all your work in one place. The service desk features allows service teams and customers to connect, report incidents, request support services, and more. 

Jira is used by SPU staff and faculty in the following ways:

  • Tracking operational tasks and projects. Jira helps increase transparency of workload between team members. It assists with coordination and collaboration within functional units and departments. 
  • Jira is integrated with Confluence (the SPU wiki), enabling integration between project/task tracking and an area's online documentation.
  • The Jira Service Desk module is used by the CIS HelpDesk to communicate with customers and track issues/incidents and service requests related to campus technology. The module includes a separate customer portal where SPU users can submit new requests and track existing tickets.


Project Management - Organize, prioritize, delegate, and monitor the projects for your department or team.

Ticket Tracking - Break projects up into smaller tasks, delegate these tasks, and keep track of details for each task.

Time Tracking - The Worklog Assistant app can be used with Jira to record the time spent on tasks and projects.

Service Desk Tracking - Both customers and support teams can communicate and track ongoing issues and support requests.

To learn more, take a moment to watch the Jira Core introductory video above.  

Designed For

Jira is designed to be used by departments and teams to track projects and tasks or to track incidents and requests at a service desk. SPU staff and faculty can be granted access to Jira or Jira Service Desk, depending on their needs. 

Getting Started

SPU's Jira instance can be found at If your department or team does not yet use Jira but it looks like it may be a good fit for you, please contact the CIS Business Analysis Team to get started.

SPU has a limited number of user licenses for Jira and Jira Service Desk. If you have staff or faculty member that could benefit from access to Jira, please contact the CIS Business Analysis Team to request access for them.


Who can I contact with questions about this service? What resources do we have for learning to use the service?

Jira is fairly easy to use.  CIS will give you a general overview of Jira when they help setup and configure your team/department space.  Most other questions can be answered by searching the Online Documentation.  Additional training is also provided online by Atlassian University for a fee.

Online Documentation

Administration and Maintenance

CIS administrates and maintains the Jira software and the servers on campus that host it. 

MaintenanceRoutine server maintenance will be scheduled between 4:00am - 7:00am (PST) on Wednesday mornings, during which Jira may not be available. Notifications on scheduled and unscheduled maintenance can be found on the SPU Online Services page.
UptimeCIS strives to maintain 99% uptime excluding scheduled maintenance times.
BackupOur environment is backed up daily in accordance with Backup and Data Recovery policy

Learn More

Atlassian's Jira Core resources



  • Faculty, Staff, and Student Workers

Support & Training

Get Started