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The Falcon Card is the official multi-purpose campus card for all Seattle Pacific University students, faculty, and staff.

The Falcon Card is used for the following purposes on campus:

  • Photo identification

  • Meal-plan access at all dining locations

  • Access to campus buildings and residence halls

  • Library privileges (checking out materials)

  • Falcon Fund transactions (campus currency; spendable at the SPU Bookstore, Outdoor Recreation Program, Mailing and Copying Services, all dining locations, campus vending machines, and laundry machines in the residence halls)

In addition, Alumni who wish to continue to utilize the Ames Library may obtain an Alumni Card issued by the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations .  

A separate but similar card is issued to eligible guests of Conference Services for meal plans and door access, as applicable for their campus visit.  


New students who are obtaining their first SPU ID card may submit a photo of their own choosing (within the stated guidelines) to appear on their card. 

Designed For

Any on-campus student or employee should have their Falcon Card (or Sea Pac Pass) on their person while they are present on campus.

Conference Services guests will need their SPU ID card for door access and meal plans, as applicable.

Alumni may request an Alumni Card for continued library access.

Getting Started

To get your Falcon Card, visit the Campus Card Services office at 3220 6th Ave W, or call (206)281-2693.  

Conference Services guests will receive their ID cards, if applicable, at check in.

Alumni Cards can be requested from the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations by calling (206)281-2586 or visiting the Walls Advancement Center at 25 W Nickerson.

Technical Support and Training

Contact Campus Card Services with any questions about your SPU ID card.

Administration and Maintenance

Falcon Cards are managed by the Campus Card Services office.  They issue new cards and can assist with lost or damaged cards. When employees leave SPU, they are to surrender their Falcon Card during their exit interview with Human Resources. 

Falcon Funds (the campus currency) can be added to your Falcon Card from the Campus Card Services website or using the free GET Funds or GET Mobile app.  

Here are some tips to help resolve problems: 

If you need assistance with your card in regard to building access, please contact the Office of Safety and Security at (206)281-2922, or visit the office at 601 W Emerson. 

For concerns about transactions at campus vending machines or dining locations, please visit the UniCom desk in the Student Union Building for refunds as necessary and contact to report machine malfunctions.  

For concerns about transactions at campus dining locations, please contact Campus Dining Services at (206)281-2226 or return to the location at which you believe the error occurred.

For concerns about printing at a multi-function printer on campus, please contact Computer and Information Systems at (206)281-2982, or visit the HelpDesk in the lower level of Marston Hall.



  • Employees and matriculated students
  • Some Conference Services guests
  • Some contracted service providers


  • Falcon Card requires government issued photo ID

Support & Training

Get Started