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Email is the primary way that written communication occurs at SPU and, as such, SPU provides users easy access to a consistent, uniform email client.  Microsoft Outlook is available to all SPU faculty, staff, and students, via a web client, and is deployed to University-owned computers.  


All faculty, staff, and degree-seeking students are provided a personal SPU email address.  This is hosted on Office 365, and includes an Outlook Calendar and Contact list.  A user can sync these items with a smart phone and can access them via webmail.  Alumni of the University are able to keep their SPU email account for life.

Designed For

Email is a significant means of communication at SPU.  Users can create folders and rules to help manage emails that are sent to them, and can create customized signatures and delivery schedules for items they are sending to others.  Users can even designate another user to have the ability to manage and edit their email (such as in the case of an administrative assistant).  Additionally, mailboxes can be configured to be shared among multiple people, so that a department, for instance, could receive email and several persons could access messages and respond.

Getting Started

If you are a new faculty or staff member accessing your Outlook account for the first time, please refer to the New Faculty and Staff page.    

If you are a new student access your Outlook account for the first time, please refer to the New Students page

Technical Support and Training

If you are encountering problems with your SPU email account or with the behavior of the web client or desktop client, please contact the CIS Help Desk.  Please feel free to search online for answers to specific how to questions (such as how to set up an email signature or how to set an out-of-office message); there are abundant resources for Outlook email at your fingertips. 

Administration and Maintenance

The Outlook Email service is maintained by CIS; any concerns about account access or system performance should be directed to the CIS Help Desk.



  • Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni


  • SPU username and SPU email account

Support & Training

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