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Destiny One Overview

Destiny One manages the registration for continuing education courses at SPU. 

Destiny One has a web portal for students to find and register for course. There is also a staff view that administrators can use to manage the courses and content available in the student web portal. 


Students can search for courses by name, subject, interest area, or partner program. Once students find the courses that they want to enroll in they can register and pay for their course by credit card. 

Destiny One is integrated with Banner so that student contact info, registrations, curriculum, and transactions are kept in sync between the two systems for continuing professional education. 

Designed For

Students can use the system to register for continuing education courses. Instructors can use it for getting course lists and entering grades. Staff can use it to manage course enrollments and collect registration fees. 

Getting Started

Students can access the web portal at Users can browse the course catalog without logging in but will need to log in prior to completing the registration process. Users without SPU credentials can start the account creation process in Destiny One and their details will be sent to Banner to set them up with SPU credentials. 

Staff can access the staff view at Staff can use their SPU credentials to log in but will need to request a user account for the staff view be created for them from the CIS Enterprise Systems team before they can access the staff view. The staff view can only be accessed from a campus resource so if you are off campus you will need to first connect to the campus network via Remote Access

Technical Support and Training

Please contact the CIS Help Desk with technical questions. For training, Student Academic Services and the School of Education's Center for Professional Education are the subject matter experts on using Destiny One for SPU's operations. 

Administration and Maintenance

Destiny One is hosted on Destiny Solution's cloud servers. User access and permissions are administrated by CIS. Other administration of Destiny One is handled by SAS and CPE. 

Learn More

Destiny's documentation can be found in their support portal at



Public View

  • All past, current, and future students

Staff View

  • Academic support staff


Public View

  • SPU credentials required to log in, though first-time users can create a temporary account.

Staff View

  • SPU credentials
  • Destiny one user account
  • Campus computer connection

Support & Training

Get Started