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The SPU Data Warehouse is a cross platform collection of objects and records that aids in the aggregate analysis of institutional data.

These objects are intended to be structured in such a way that facilitates use across departments and business cases, incorporating the data definitions of stakeholders, which serves to provide a common vocabulary among our data consumers. The Data Warehouse, also known as EDW (Electronic Data Warehouse), promotes un-siloed access to data, providing a central point of contact for answers to business analysis questions.


Cross platform data access - The EDW contains data from many integrated systems, making their business objects accessible in one place.

High performance queries - Storing data in well structure ways in the EDW simplifies querying and joining data, resulting in more performant analysis.

Common vocabulary - Storing data from multiple sources in one EDW promotes data dictionary definition of terms to inform users of the source and usage of data objects.

Business Intelligence - Analysis is made possible by thoughtful architecture and meaningful, subject-oriented structures in the EDW.

Designed For

The EDW is designed for report writers and dashboard creators for staff and faculty to use as their source of data.

Getting Started

Access to the EDW is currently limited to a small group of technical users. As we build the repository and add entities, we will make considerations of extending access while maintaining appropriate data security. If you believe you need access to the data warehouse, please request it via Jira.


Technical support and training for the EDW is provided by CIS. Problems or issues with the EDW can be submitted to CIS via Jira.

Technical documentation for the EDW has been collected and stored in the Technical Documentation wiki space. SPU's data dictionary can be found on the Data Warehouse SharePoint site.

Administration and Maintenance

CIS administrates and maintains the EDW and its server environment. 

Learn More

Data Warehouse FAQs

SPU's data dictionary can be found on the Data Warehouse SharePoint site.



  • Faculty and staff report writers and dashboard creators.

Support & Training

Get Started