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CourseLeaf is a suite of software tools that allow faculty and staff to manage SPU's time schedule, course offerings, and curriculum offerings.

Each CourseLeaf module allows Fac/Staff to make edits to a course or curriculum and submit those changes for approval via the appropriate governance process. Changes made in CourseLeaf are synced with Banner and reflected in future time schedules or catalogs. 

There are four CourseLeaf modules available to Faculty and Staff:

  • CourseLeaf Time Schedule
  • CourseLeaf Course Management
  • CourseLeaf Curriculum Management
  • CourseLeaf Approvals

Each of the modules can be used to submit changes for the corresponding publication (Time Schedule, Courses, or Curriculum). Once change proposals are submitted, approvers can use the Approvals module to review and approve or reject proposals. 

Designed For

SPU faculty and staff who manage curriculum and course offerings, as well as the course time schedule. 

Getting Started

All of the CourseLeaf modules can be accessed via a web browser. Go to to get started.

Technical Support and Training

The CourseLeaf page within the SPU Software Documentation wiki contains articles and videos that can help you get started using the tool.

For questions related to CourseLeaf or related academic governance processes, contact Student Academic Services at or 206-281-2032.

Administration and Maintenance

Student Academic Services administrated CourseLeaf. All modules are hosted in the cloud by the vendor, Leepfrog Technologies. CIS provides data assistance to SAS.

Learn More

Learn more about CourseLeaf on Leepfrog's website



  • SPU Faculty & Staff


  • SPU Username & Password

Support & Training

Get Started