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    Audio Visual Installation Consultation

    In addition to providing basic support for SPU conference rooms and other spaces with audio-visual technology, CIS also provides consulting and pricing services for new audio-visual installations throughout campus. 

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    Computer Deployment

    SPU Faculty and Staff computers have a targeted hardware upgrade goal of every three to four years for laptop devices and every five years for desktop devices. 

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    Course Support

    Course support at SPU is provided by the Educational Technology and Media (ETM) department.  Faculty are supported in terms of pedagogy, technology instruction, media storage, and asynchronous instruction.

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    The CIS Helpdesk exists to serve the SPU community, specifically in relation to the technologies for academics and instruction, plus the business functions of the University.

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    On-Call Services

    There are a few departments on campus that provide service 24 hours a day.  This includes the Office of Safety and SecurityComputer and Information Systems, and Facilities

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