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This is SPU's wiki tool, making it easy for you and your team to share information with each other, SPU faculty and staff, and the world.

Confluence lets individuals and groups create individual pages within a site (called a space in Confluence) and collaborate on the topics covered within the pages.


Documentation and Policy - Confluence is a great place to store documentation or policy online when you want to present that documentation/policy as a webpage instead of a downloadable document. You can store both externally facing and internal operational documentation. Confluence has robust tracking and version control so you can see every edit to a policy or page, who made it, and easily compare the two.

Public Facing Informational Websites - Confluence has limited branding/look and feel options, but its strength is displaying information. This works for public facing as well. See the CIS HelpDesk or the Human Resources spaces for examples of public facing wiki spaces.

JIRA Integration - If your department uses Jira, then you may want to consider Confluence due to its deep integration with Jira. Using Confluence Macros, lists of projects and requests from Jira as well as reports can be included with real-time information directly in a Confluence wiki page.

Designed For

Confluence is available for use by University faculty and staff with the intent of storing information about processes, procedures and projects for departments and technical teams. It can also be used to share information with the public if the space is configured to allow anonymous access.

SPU has a limited number of user licenses for Confluence. If you have staff or faculty members that could benefit from access to Confluence, please contact the CIS Business Analysis Team to request access for them.

Getting Started

SPU's Confluence spaces can be found at . 

If your department doesn't have a Confluence Wiki space already, contact a Business Analyst in Computer and Information Systems at

Your business analyst will set up an initial phone call or meeting to:

  1. Discuss your goals and requirements
  2. Determine if Confluence is right for you

Your space, along with the appropriate security groups, will be set up within 5 business days of approval.

Technical Support and Training

Technical support for Confluence is provided by CIS via the CIS HelpDesk.  Direct training is not provided by CIS, however Atlassian provides a number of online training resources to help bring you up to speed.

Administration and Maintenance

SPU hosts Confluence on our servers on campus. The software and hardware for our instance of Confluence is maintained and administrated by CIS.

Maintenance Routine server maintenance will be scheduled between 4:00am - 7:00am (PST) on Wednesday mornings, during which Confluence  may not be available. Notifications on scheduled and unscheduled maintenance can be found on the SPU Online Services page .
UptimeCIS strives to maintain 99% uptime excluding scheduled maintenance times.
BackupOur Confluence environment is backed up daily in accordance with Backup and Data Recovery policy

Learn More

More information can be found in the CIS wiki and Software Documentation page.



  • Faculty and Staff can publish content
  • Specific persons (or the whole world) can consume the content


  • Suitable permissions to browse or publish data

Support & Training

Get Started