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SPU Faculty and Staff computers have a targeted hardware upgrade goal of every three to four years for laptop devices and every five years for desktop devices. 

An upgrade cycle is not guaranteed due to variable factors of the Central PC Pool budget. Users may also choose to defer their upgrade, so it is possible for systems to be older than four or five years. Typically these replacements are split into two main groups: laptop (typically during winter/spring quarters) and desktop (typically during the summer). Please refer to the Centralized PC Purchasing Policy for more information regarding deployment and the Central PC Pool. 


SPU-owned computers are distributed with the "SPU image".  This provides for a consistent user experience and a commonly-used set of applications pre-installed, and means faster troubleshooting if issues arise.

Designed For

Computers are deployed to individual users (faculty and staff).  

Getting Started

A designated staff person in CIS will coordinate the upgrade of individual user machines, and will contact those who are eligible for a computer upgrade directly. If there are questions about the current upgrade status of a Faculty or Staff person's SPU device, please contact the CIS Accounting Team at

Technical Support and Training

Any questions about scheduling an upgrade should be directed to the Accounting Team at the CIS HelpDesk.  Any questions about software should be directed to the CIS HelpDesk.

Administration and Maintenance

CIS manages the Computer Deployment process and coordinates with the individuals whose computers are eligible for replacement.



  • Faculty and Staff


  • Eligibility per the 3-4 year replacement cycle for laptops, 5 year replacement cycle for desktops

Support & Training

Get Started

  • Email