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CallXpress is a tool for unifying email and voicemail, for SPU faculty, staff, and some student employees.

CallXpress will cause voicemail messages left on your SPU telephone extension to be delivered as email messages in your SPU account.  Voicemail messages may thus be listened to via your computer or your phone. 


With unified messaging (via CallXpress), your voicemail messages will appear in your email inbox.  On SPU-managed computers, these voicemail messages can be opened using the audio software on the computer. Double-clicking the email attachment will play the voicemail using the default audio program.  Voicemail messages can also be accessed from on- or off-campus telephones.

Designed For

CallXpress is available to Faculty and Staff, and any student worker for whom an SPU telephone extension has been assigned. 

Getting Started

To have your voicemail configured for your use for the first time, please send an email to and include the following information:

  • Your name (Include your full name but also indicate a "display name" if you use a different name, such as "Beth" instead of "Elizabeth")
  • Your telephone extension
  • Your SPU email
  • If known, please include the name of the previous person who had the extension, and any instructions about any messages that may be present in that voicemail box
  • If a phone extension is shared among several people, please include the name of your supervisor so that the sharing details can be confirmed for that extension

Once your voicemail box is configured you'll get an email with instructions on how to personalize your voicemail box.   This includes recording your name and standard greeting, and selecting a voicemail password.   You are now set up to receive voicemail messages.

To access your voicemail box from the Harris telephone at your desk, press the MSG button and enter your voicemail password.   Then follow the prompts.

To access your voicemail box from any other phone, follow these steps:

  1. Dial extension x2700 (206-281-2700 from off-campus)
  2. Hear the system greeting
  3. Dial # (pound)
  4. Enter your mailbox number (this may not be your telephone extension number)
  5. Enter your voicemail password

To access your voicemail messages from your email client, open the email, click on the attachment, and click the playback icon.

Technical Support and Training

This Quick Reference Card provides information about CallXpress functionality, including how to set up your mailbox, listen to your voicemail messages, record and send messages.  Additional information is available in this flowchart.  If you encounter problems with CallXpress, please contact the CIS HelpDesk at or by calling 206-281-2982.

Harris phones offer features such as conference calls, transferring a call or putting a caller on hold.  Click the link to learn more about telephone functions.

Administration and Maintenance

CIS maintains CallXpress.  



  • Anyone with an assigned SPU telephone number


  • SPU voicemail box (available with SPU telephone number)

Support & Training

Get Started