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There are at least two kinds of calendars available to members of the SPU community.  One is the calendar offered via Microsoft Outlook; another is the Campus Calendar (formerly known as the "master calendar"). 

The former can be maintained by an individual for his/her own purposes, or managed by their delegate (such as an administrative assistant).  The latter is intended to convey information to a broad audience and could include information relevant to campus events or deadlines.   Both will be addressed here, with Outlook Calendar and Campus Calendar being used to disambiguate.


All faculty, staff, and degree-seeking students are provided a personal SPU email address.  This is hosted on Office 365, and includes an Outlook Calendar.  A user can sync their Outlook Calendar with a smart phone and can access it via webmail.

The Campus Calendar is a comprehensive listing of campus events and deadlines, and can be searched by date, event type, audience, etc.

Designed For

The Outlook Calendar allows users to see the availability status of other users, which facilitates the scheduling of meetings.  Users can share greater details about their calendar with other individual users, and can even designate another user to have the ability to manage and edit calendar details (such as in the case of an administrative assistant).  

The Campus Calendar is tied to SPU's campus space management system ("EMS"), thus when a space is reserved for a campus event, the user has the option to publish the event details to the Campus Calendar.  In addition to publishing events that take place in a physical space, deadlines can also be published to the Campus Calendar (such as registration deadlines).  The Campus Calendar is visible to both internal and external audiences. 

Getting Started

Outlook Calendar:

  • If you are a new faculty or staff member accessing your Outlook Calendar for the first time, please refer to the New Faculty and Staff page.    
  • If you are a new student accessing your Outlook calendar for the first time, please refer to the New Students page

Campus Calendar

Technical Support and Training

If you run into problems with your Outlook Calendar, a quick search in the in-application help or on the web may reveal the solution to you.  Or you can reach out to the CIS HelpDesk via, (206) 281-2982, or initiate a HelpDesk Ticket.

For concerns related to the Campus Calendar, please contact one of the calendar managers, or the CIS HelpDesk via, (206)281-2982, or initiate a HelpDesk Ticket.

Administration and Maintenance

The Outlook Calendar service and the Campus Calendar service are maintained by CIS; any concerns about system performance should be directed to the CIS HelpDesk.

The content of the Campus Calendar is maintained by a group of calendar managers.  



  • Students, Faculty, and Staff; persists for alumni


  • SPU email account

Support & Training

Get Started