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Argos is one of SPU's reporting and business intelligence tools. It can be used by any area of the university to generate or view reports and dashboards with information from almost any campus data system.

It has been in use since July 2013.


Argos presents data in several different ways:

  1. On screen Dashboard
  2. Report Export - Either in a csv or PDF format depending on the report.
  3. Scheduled Report Delivery - These can be sent to individuals or groups of people on a regular basis.

Security is in place to prevent data from being visible to unauthorized persons.

Designed For

There are three types of Argos users.
  1. Report Viewer: An authorized user who has been given permission to view dashboards or run reports in Argos.
  2. Report Writer: An authorized user who can generate reports based on a data set that is delivered by a DataBlock in Argos.
  3. DataBlock Designer: A technical staff person who designs the layout of a dashboard and writes the database queries to retrieve data and present it to the Report Writers and Report Viewers.

Getting Started

From On-Campus

You can access Argos by going to the SPU Online Services page and finding Argos in the Reporting and Analytics section, or go to

From Off Campus

If you are off-campus you will need to either connect your SPU-Managed machine to the VPN, or use Citrix in order to successfully launch Argos. Within Citrix you can either launch the app directly (under All Apps), or you can connect to your work desktop then launch Argos normally from the SPU Online Services page.

While off-campus and not connected to the VPN, you will automatically be redirected to Citrix if you attempt to access Argos. At that point you can use the App or connect remotely to your Work Desktop to gain access to Argos.

Viewing Reports

Once past the login screen for Argos, you can view reports through the "Argos Web Viewer" or the full "Argos" client.

Click on either button, then follow the path to the report or dashboard you are looking for. For more info, see Argos Training

Creating Reports

If you are a DataBlock designer with permission to query certain institutional data systems, you can create reports from within the Argos client. For more info, see Argos Training 

Technical Support and Training

Training materials for Argos can be found at the link below.  Online training resources are also provided by the vendor, Evisions, on their support site. Additional training for Report Viewers and DataBlock Designers is provided by Computer Support Managers (CSMs) and power users in SPU business units.  Trainers from Evisions can also be hired to conduct broader classroom training sessions. Additional training for CSM's and power users is provided by peers in the Systems and Data Management Group.  

Learn More

For more detailed information about the service see our in-depth article: Argos Enterprise Reporting



  • Faculty, Staff, Student Employees


  • SPU login credentials and appropriate security permissions


Get Started