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    Canvas is a Learning Management System (LMS) from Instructure. It is SPU's primary software for academic purposes.

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    Panopto allows users to record videos and screen captures on their computer then upload it to and stream it from an online location.  It is the SPU supported tool for lecture capture.

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    Penji is a mobile app that connects students to tutors from the Center for Learning and the Research, Reading, and Writing Studio in the Library. 

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    SensusAccess is a free, web-based accessibility tool that allows users to submit a file in a text-based format and get an output in a more accessible medium (Examples include audio, digital braille, and e-book).

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    SmartEvals (Student Feedback)

    SmartEvals is a web-based application used to gather student feedback on courses, instructors, and academic advisors at SPU. 

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    Tutor Matching Service

    Tutor Matching Service is a 3rd party service that can be used by students to find private tutoring. Costs vary depending on the tutor.

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    Zoom is a Video and Web Conferencing platform. Zoom allows online meetings (one-on-one, or small groups), instructional classroom meetings, and web conferences. This is a robust interface that easily facilitates shared screens, video, audio and collaboration features.

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