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Requesting a Project

When requesting a new project, we collaborate with you to create a Project Initiation Document (PID). A PID, also known as a project charter, helps to avoid the not so humorous situation described by the comic above. The PID must be signed and approved by your department's director.

To start this process, read the information on PIDs and contact CIS's Deputy CIO, Micah Schaafsma or our Asst. Director of Business Systems, Josh Kanehen.

Evaluation Process

After a PID has created, CIS staff will evaluate the costs, benefits, risks and rewards of the project to determine its "Return on Investment" or ROI. Time and personnel are limited resources we have to use judiciously and not all projects will move forward. We will then work with you to determine whether your project should move forward or if there are alternatives can. For more details, see the Evaluation and Prioritization page.


After a project has been evaluated and approved, it will be placed in the project queue based on its priority. After finding a time when all parties can invest staff resources, the project will be placed on the project roadmap. You will be able to see where your project is ranked in the JIRA Project Tracking system. See the Evaluation and Prioritization page for more detailed information about how and why we prioritize.


When work is started on a project, project status and all tasks related to it will be tracked in Jira. Here you will be able to see the status of your project as it goes through the entire development process.

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